Part 2: Sydney


Augustus Earle, ‘Natives of N. S. Wales as seen in the streets of Sydney’, c1826.

Maggie Brady is a researcher in the ANU’s Centre for Aboriginal Economic Policy Research and has recently published “First Taste: How Indigenous Australians Learned About Grog” which you can read here: first-taste-how-indigenous-australians-learned-about-grog-maggie-brady   The work addresses common perceptions of indigenous Australians and grog and how little or much research there is to support these ideas.



You Can’t Ask That: Indigenous

Watch this episode, the ABC’s You Can’t Ask That: Indigenous, which is a chance to hear the answers to all manner of silly, obvious, naive questions put by members of the public to a group of indigenous Australians. Listen to the passion with which they speak and the uniquely personal perspectives offered so generously. Understanding ‘The Secret River’ is as much about the story of the our present as it is about the past.